Pure Paws got its start in the dog show industry. After 10 years of being used by top handlers across the world, it was decided to expand our focus and make sure that every dog, not just show dogs receive safe and high quality products and services. The different departments within Pure Paws serve as platforms for progress. Our mission at Pure Paws is - To cultivate conscientiousness, empathy and love towards animals through our educational platform and transparent cooperation with other independent certifying organizations.

When manufacturing Pure Paws products only the best ingredients are selected and specifically chosen for creating an amazing coat.  These amazing products quickly launched Pure Paws into the Show Dog arena and soon placed Pure Paws as the product of champions

Groomers soon discovered Pure Paws products for their grooming salons.  They found that their customers noticed the difference and with continued use it cut the time needed to groom their customer’s dogs.  The high dilution rates also saved them money.

Pure Paws is now sold all over the world and is producing Best in Show results worldwide. With Pure Paws, one thing that you can be assured of:

Best Ingredients = Best Results